Beauty in detail.

Beauty in detail.

A note from Cathleen and Kostas…

We design jewelry together the way we do everything together. The way we cook, the way we parent, the way we create in general, always as a team. There is an initial concept, and then a lot of back and forth as it is fine-tuned, and then a lot of excitement as it starts to feel right. It is a journey, the end result always better than either of us would have done alone. That’s the beauty of it. It is not free of struggle and strife, but I do not think that any creative process ever is. Our different cultural backgrounds lend a richness and complexity - I grew up in Woodstock, New York, and Kostas grew up in Athens, Greece.

We met on the island of Crete where Kostas was vacationing from architecture school in Italy, and I was living during a year of deferment from international law school. We bonded over music and food. Jewelry came later, by chance, as a means of supporting ourselves as students in Europe for many years. But it stuck.

Our mutual love of travel, history, nature, and architecture inspire the detail in our work.

We recently celebrated over thirty years in business and want to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful relationships that we have developed with our customers and vendors over all of these years. It is what makes it all so worth it!

Anatoli features a curated core collection of timeless designs and two limited edition seasonal collections per year, including many beautiful one-of-a-kind designs. Upon request, collections may be developed for private label.


Cathleen and Kostas have been the exclusive designers of Anatoli for over 30 years and are personally involved in every aspect of creating the pieces. Their love of art, history, nature, and architecture found full expression in jewelry design. Sources of inspiration have included European wrought ironwork, jewelry of ancient civilizations, and the interplay of handmade textures and weaves of metal. The combination of their aesthetic and skilled craftsmanship resulted in a distinctive look that met with great success, first in Europe and then in the U.S. when introduced in New York in 1987. Daughters Katia and Layla grew up surrounded by the design process and are now artists in their own right, offering their fresh perspective to many aspects of the business.

Anatoli designs have long been recognized for their beautiful detail, meticulous workmanship, and high-quality materials. Their collections have enjoyed a strong following, carried by high-end fashion majors, galleries, museum stores, and fine jewelers alike.

The designers have also found much success in private label and product development for several museums, including a licensed Frank Lloyd Wright collection for the Museum of Modern Art in New York and reproductions for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

Anatoli jewelry is handcrafted in sterling silver and karat gold. Cathleen and Kostas insist on the finest materials and quality and are personally involved with production on every level. Specialized materials and custom cut stones are ethically sourced from carefully selected partners in the US and abroad, which are then crafted into their designs at their studio in Woodstock, NY. Handmade chain, exquisite detail, and intricate weaves of metal are complemented by Tahitian, Keshi, and freshwater pearls as well as an array of semi-precious stones and diamond accents.

Kostas, an architect, is also a bench jeweler, and a master with technical detail and proprietary mechanisms. Cathleen has a keen eye for line and color and develops their concepts into full collections.

We have always run our company true to the values that we hold as people, dedicated to treating those we work with and the environment we live in with integrity and respect, as well as giving back wherever we have had an opportunity . That has included supporting our own employees' personal growth and well-being, carefully vetting domestic and international partners for ethical practices, and actively supporting our local community.

Artisan Support

We embrace any opportunity that empowers communities, or that offers a partnership with individual artisans who are caretakers of ancient or traditional jewelry-making techniques, which have been a cornerstone of our design approach. Early in our history as a company, we chose to give our very first branded packaging project to a young women’s sewing co-op in Bali rather than opting to mass produce the pouches at a lower cost. We were able to take a meaningful step forward for our brand, while also creating a much-needed source of income. Our ability to make positive change through this experience set the standard for the way we conduct our business practices to this day, reinforcing our conviction that companies hold a responsibility to do good with their buying power.


Since our founding, it has been important to us to support the creation of opportunities for education, health, and well-being right here at home, as well as in the world at large. We consistently make contributions to the efforts of local food banks, environmental groups, the Ulster Community College Foundation, the HealthAlliance Foundation, and the ASPCA, as well as to the arts. These and many other causes are dear to us, and we are always seeking out new ways to giveback. Our much-beloved business partner of the last several years, Marty Jeiven, is also a philanthropist, and has expanded the ability of Anatoli Jewelry to engage in meaningful causes.


We believe in and want to support myriad causes and will never limit ourselves to any one type. However, we are particularly sensitive to projects that help to empower women. We are always open to hearing about organizations that you feel are worthy of our support.

Our Projects

The Martina Arroyo Foundation

Through participation in two years of Martina’s Gala events, we were able to donate 100% of profits in support of the young artists involved in her Prelude to Performance Program.

Columbia University ASPIRE

Through a collaboration beginning in 2018, Anatoli devoted time and funding in support of this initiative’s efforts to address the urgent needs of female Syrian refugees.

Population Council IMAGEN

Indigenous Adolescent Girls’ Empowerment Network

We are currently exploring the possibility of partnering with this program by co-creating a collection to be produced by Native American girls to create a revenue source. A percentage of all sales would be donated back to the program.